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I have been burned twice on this platform over the years.First was by a married woman who ended up going back to her husband, and the second time was from a woman who didn’t seem to know what she wanted!

And remember that both types of thoughts tend to attract their physical equivalents.It selects your matches based on the questions that you answered when you created your profile, which means you can never change your answers or search by specific filters.It arbitrarily gives you “connections” based off of what it thinks that you like and offers you no chance to actually input the things that are important to you.Also, for as many superfluous meaningless questions as you’re required to answer, you get to see very little about the person that you’re interested in.Honestly, sitting in a dingy crowded bar and waiting for people to hit on you would be less disappointing than this app. When I first signed up, I was getting a decent number of matches, but then I was barely getting one every two weeks: waste of money when you’re trying to actually find someone and the service won’t show you anyone.

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